Shreya Kollipara (Head Organiser) and Vinay Kanigicherla (Event Director) conducted Oakridge’s first ever Debate Tournament: Dialogue!


The dialogue was an initiative in the form of a competition to interest students in debate and was conducted on the 6th of January, 2018 for all students from grades 9-11. The competition required participants to follow a Public Forum Debate structure and style, preparing them for debates on a whole new level.


The competition acted as a platform for heated debates about a variety of topics, ranging from the legality of government interference in private data and the practice of euthanasia to school segregation and the death penalty, and garnered significant student interest and participation. Click here for full article

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Oakridger Aadi Narayan of MYP 4 is proud to have represented the Karnataka State in National Sub-Juniors Football – Under 14. The state team won the zonal and qualified for the Nationals, which was played in Hoshiyarpur in Punjab with 10 teams across the country participating. The state selection process was an intense exercise that ran across several weeks with over 200 players from the best clubs across the state competing to be on the team. It was a great experience for Aadi and his team especially to play with the best teams/players of the country.


Aadi also represents his club Boca Juniors in the currently ongoing iLeague tournament and has recently Read more here

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Aditya K Lingam, Daksh Tayalia, Samudrika Gopinath and Rhea Lalawani from Grade V and VI were the highest scorers this time.

OakChamp is a motivational tool to make kids aspire to improve intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially, and make them a more responsible person. Through the OakChamp initiative, the management of Oakridge International Schools has introduced a system of evaluating students’ performance by awarding them with the title of OakChamp. The purpose of this award is to recognize every effort that an Oakridger makes towards excelling in their respective fields. Also, to create opportunities for the learner to record and reflect on personal successes, Oakridge decides to celebrate their ‘SUCCESS’ this way!


Students are encouraged to maintain personal portfolios which are a compilation of their achievements as per the set criteria. The contents include Index, My Page, My Thoughts on OakChamp, OakChamp Score Sheet, evidence for my achievements – Certificates, Work Samples, Photo stories, Parent/Teacher/Peer Reviews. Click here for full article.

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Teaching arts in education is so important for students. Artistic pursuit from a tender age instills creativity and mould the minds of children to develop a positive nature and appreciate natural beauty. Instilling a love for artistic activities in our students, we at Oakridge creates an environment where creativity is generated.


With an aim to provide an insight into the thoughts, processes, and inspiration which lay behind the creation of a work of art, Oakridge organized a guest lecture by the artist Mr. Shaun Heffernan from the U.K. He addressed the IBDP, IB MYP, and CBSE Senior Visual Art students during his lecture. His definition of the fine arts was purely an extension of mind and making a keen use of the eyes. He started off by explaining that anyone can do art and that it is not restricted to merely those who have an inclination toward it. It is for people who have the interest in it, and if that interest is strong enough, with practice, it can blossom into something much greater. Read more here

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The power of Positive Reinforcement for Kids

Just like any adult, all children need rather expect their due recognition. When their success and efforts get praised, there is an element of push to the positive side to their personality. When we as adults appreciate children for attempting something new or advancing efforts to achieve something, it not only motivates them but also lets them know how much they are capable of. And that is the first step to “recognition”. But, why is recognition so important? Read on to know what India’s top international schools follow to enhance the personalities of their students through the efficient tool called “recognition.”

Inculcating positive reinforcement through recognition

Children respond positively to appreciation and recognition. They take a leap of happiness when parents praise them for their effort and attempts, and more so, when their teachers do. Like a hike for the employee, a tip for the bearer, a cookie or a verbal praise like “good job” for the kid can work wonders. It does not have to be something material always. Words have the power to channelize their positive energy into something more productive.

Putting to practice the ancient technique

  • Positive reinforcement is an age-old technique used to encourage acceptable and good behaviour in children.
  • Rewards for children can be anything from letting them play their favourite game or dancing in the rain to smaller treats like a cookie every time he/she does the math problem right.

Although this sounds interesting, there is an unseen side to this too.

  • Well, the unseen side is that, you may actually start doubting if they ever will solve the math problem right knowing they will not receive a cookie this time.
  • What then becomes important is, knowing when to provide the positive reinforcement.

What should you focus on to enrich the positivity?

The strength of “Positive reinforcement” doubles with “recognition.” Facilitators in most of the Bangalore schools believe in this strongly.

A child definitely needs to know what behaviour of his/her is laudable. Also, another critical point is that there cannot be a positive reinforcement for every good step the child takes. With progressing times and enhanced educational scenarios, India’s top International Schools take the challenge seriously.

The Bangalore Schools are known to keep the entire process specific, by way of not rewarding for every step the child takes and keeping it specifically to some exclusive milestones that add to personality shaping.

On the flip side, what needs more attention is, the children should at no point feel their parents or teachers are judgemental. So, the issue is tacky and needs to be handled effectively so as to give an impression that you are actually recognizing his/her effort, even when the child does not bring out the desired output.

The power of praise

Praise is indeed a powerful tool to motivate and encourage learning. Praising the right person at the right time for the right action is indeed an art. Positive reinforcements are the sure way to bring out the best behaviour from your child. While you appreciate them, remember, you are also motivating them to perform even better and that shapes their behaviour, thought process and eventually the personality.

Watch and catch the child while doing “good” and say encouraging words. When you catch them doing something odd, sit them down and remind them of the good they do and the appreciation they get for the same. That way, you are actually encouraging the child to repeat that behaviour more. That is the first step to your child recognizing the value of his/her own actions and qualities.

Children pick up ideas, actions and words from adults, be it parents or teachers. So, as adults we must become their ideals and that’s how we inspire them to be better individuals tomorrow!

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Ted Talks by Oakridge Alumna Samhita on her Entrepreneurship Journey

If you can’t figure out your purpose figure out your passion for your passion leads you directly into your purpose I am Samhita, and I’m an example of this quote and this is my story i Started baking when i was about 13 years old my mother allowed me into coming into kitchen partly because she was scared that i would hurt myself and Partly, I thought because she was scared that I will mess up her kitchen like all mothers but my dad pushed me into learning new things He’s a firm believer of the court practice makes a man perfect So he pushed me into learning new things going and trying new things that’s how i started baking making my chocolates after a few months we shipped it to a new town because with my dad’s transfer It was a pretty small time town, and I am not exactly comfortable in it I try to make some friends, but we didn’t have like minds, and I felt like an outsider That’s when I started staying at home mode not going to school So I started making a lot and trying and testing new recipes and desserts Since I didn’t have anyone to talk to my baking became my best friend and books, too After my 10th grade we shipped it back to Hyderabad.

I always wanted to become a doctor There are two reasons I’ve deviated from my path One is because I’ve seen my brother take by PC and going to medicine and I saw him Study for about six to eight hours every day, and that’s not my cup of tea steadying more than half an hour is a lot for me, so i thought  can’t do it and The second reason is after I came back to Hyderabad I spent about Half of my summer vacation with my aunt who is an inspiration for me, and she’s one of the directors in Amazon So I talked to her a lot And she actually used to ask me these math questions you know these logical questions, and I used to give answer I used to answer her pretty easily and She said I was really good at math Trust me this.

This is not easy for my eleventh and twelfth classmates to believe, but trust me I was good at math back then So I took her advice of Joining of going into MPC and going into IIT so I came back to Hyderabad and I joined Oakridge International School and that changed my life. I Took math physics and chemistry as my major subjects I was given three choices in choosing my elective physical education psychology and entrepreneurship So I chose entrepreneurship, and you know why I chose entrepreneurship I? Had no idea what the meaning was the names are a pretty fancy to me. You know like a big fancy name So it really intrigued me so I chose it I thought you know my old friends would ask me what I am studying right now, and I’d go like yeah.

I’m doing entrepreneurship So it was pretty nice for me to tell other people that I was doing something Which they didn’t even know the meaning of and he did right, but they didn’t know that so after a few introductory classes I realized That this subject which I didn’t know anything about Was really interesting and I was passionate about it My teacher my love and great teacher Explained the whole concept and the course in such a way that I felt my elective was more important to me than my major subjects personally I barely, got lesser grades in my major subjects than in my Electives, but my teachers didn’t bother to you know push me high to study my major subjects more they were rather happy for me for Finding a sir check which I was really interested in and we’re pushing me forward and supporting me in all of their ways In my 11th grade before my finals One day I went to my parents just because I was sick of studying for half an hour again I went to my parents birthday, and I asked him for a hike in my pocket money It was obviously enough because like all the parents who would increase the pocket money Just before final exams because that’s not what you’re supposed to do, but I went and asked them So they said no I went on talking around saying that I would make my own money off of selling my baked goods the cupcakes and all And my dad actually took it seriously We spent me and my dad spent about three to four hours that day sitting and discussing and naming our imaginary company The maxima dad actually came to me and showed me that he registered the imaginary company as a real one chocolate box that was the de chocolate box who is born I Went back to my school and told my classmates and my teachers about it.

They were really happy for me My teacher sat with me my entrepreneurship teachers. They were giving me inputs and feedbacks about to what can I do for marketing? I? went to my principal that day and told her about my company and we decided to launch it on May 6th of 2016 on the campus in the campus So, but it did not happen because of some reasons but the next year the following year in my 12th grade My school gave me a chance to put up not one but two stalls on the founder step one in the ethnic food center, and the other one in the business center I go to tremendous feedback from all the attendees all the parents and the teachers and Mostly, I got a feedback from our founder Mr. Shomie Das does and that’s when I knew, but this is not dead I just can’t sit at home baked chocolates and sell it online I had to grow So in my as I told before in Cardinal books and baking became my best friend coming to books I Almost like sitting going out and sitting in a cafe and amad.

I mean you imagine myself doing that having a cup of coffee and reading a nice book I tried it four times actually going to a cafe and doing that but it wasn’t a success there was a lot of noise People came into garden. I don’t want any order, but they still came So I thought Why can’t I combine my both passions? reading the books and my baking So I came up with an idea of a book café Which I later went to my school and talked about it with my teachers my 12th grade entrepreneurship teacher was so excited and happy that I got an idea like this That she sat with me and we discussed about it And she made me do a project a whole business plan about my company because that was what we were studying in that grade So I made a 40 page business project business plan for my book cafe, and I got 3130 for it I Was happy even though I got fairly less create than the other subjects.

They didn’t push me After my 12th came the bigger challenge I had to choose which path I had to go to I have three options one is through my passion I could go into culinary arts or the Baking and all and the second is Through my love for my subject. I could check I could choose business management and the other one is Just continue with my previous subjects of love intent well, then go into engineering I Put MVC aside engineering aside because that’s not my cup of tea. I cannot do it. I’m just Not good at math, or I just hate it So I I was a bit fickle minded in between these two subjects in between these two courses So I went to my school counselor and sat with her for a whole day discussing about this She didn’t judge me for how fickle minded I was between choosing courses. She sat with me showed me all the colleges and the courses I could take and then we decided that i thought about it for a bit and I remembered what once my dad said practical and theory go hand in hand I Had a bit of practical experience through chocolate box, but Theory Mere knowledge of having entrepreneurship as one subject is not good enough So I thought I have to study more and learn more in the way. I’m going through So I decided to take Bachelor of Business Administration in Bennett University, which I’m doing right now That’s my story until now and the future There’s always gonna be another mountain I’m always gonna wanna make it move always gonna be an uphill battle sometimes.

I’m gonna have to lose Ain’t about how fast I get there ain’t nobody aha It’s the time What matters is What’s beyond it I don’t know what’s beyond the mountain What I care about is my journey what I truly care about is the climb. Thank you.

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The success mantra: Leadership!

How Students Can be Taught Leadership Skills in School?

The children of today are the future of tomorrow and the future holds great for those who have the capability to become leaders! Leaders are not born, they are made! Yes! Every child is capable of taking charge of tomorrow and leading it effectively like a Pro.

But How?

Read through this piece to know the 5Ws and 1H of a student’s ‘leader-making’ facet.

Sculpting the leadership trait

Here is an interesting event…

During the interaction hour, the teacher had to pick and assign the class leader role to one among the 40 students. To make the selection process easier, the teacher decided to ask the interested students to raise their hands. Not many hands shot up. But the ones that did truly shone confidence. But why weren’t the others interested? Or probably were they less confident?

Confidence is a driving force to success and schools really need to mould and hone the inherent trait in a child. Some of the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad have also taken the vow to contribute to fine tuning the leadership skill. The IGCSE schools in Hyderabad have left no stones unturned to make the leaders of tomorrow an all endearing personalities.

The 5Ws and 1H

The ‘when’ and ‘how’ come up quite often in life. Any information gets a solid structure when you start answering the math around the 5Ws and 1H. Each child should be encouraged to answer these interesting 5Ws and 1H which enhance better scope for interrogation and invigoration of the success path.

  1. What

What makes me a leader? What should I know about before being a leader? What is it in for me?

  1. Why

The ‘why’ is the most important one in life. So, why should I be the change? Why should it be me and not anybody else? Why now and why is it important?

  1. Where

Where is my right platform? Where is the change that I would like to enforce? Where can I read? Where can I know more?

  1. When

When should I act? When is the right time? When will things change?

  1. Who

Who is my inspiration? Who do I want to be seen as?

  1. How

How will I do it? How much should I put in? How does it impact me and the world?

Surprisingly, the answers to all these questions to be asked to self will come from within. That’s when we know, we are born to lead.

The trivial acts

During a field trip, how a teacher communicates with different people around, shows her confidence. A parent who orders food for their child at a restaurant, is successfully curtailing the simple art of speaking confidently to the servers on what exactly the need and how they need it.

While this might sound trivial, it is necessary for an effective communication.

It is often at home and then at school, that these skills start manifesting to make a collective difference.

In the light of all this, it is necessary that the child understands what it takes to be a leader.

A constant perseverance, a strong communication skill and strong negotiation skills can be instilled and inculcated in them through small day to day activities. They take no effort but sure can have long term positive significance.

Learning to lead self is the basis for leading others. The International curriculum, in various reputed schools across Bangalore and Hyderabad, believes in effectively fine tuning the leadership skills in students and allow them to take responsibility of our future generations.

Jim Donovan’s “Take charge of your destiny” is an apt quote for today’s children who are the leaders of tomorrow!

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