The Exam pressure: Handle it like a Pro!

Exam pressure is real. Some of the worst nightmares for students today is to cope with exam fever and yet to ace the exam with flying colors. Each student perceives the pressure differently. For some, it is no pressure at all, while for others, it is their biggest phobia. Sweaty palms, racing heart, butterflies in the stomach are part of the pressure. Nothing is worse than having to sit and revise for these students. Dissipating stress is the need of the hour. Once we look at closely, we’ll probably begin to wonder if pressure actually deserves so much attention.

Take a look at the CBSE schools in Vizag that effectively eliminates the pressure drama, by channelizing the energy in to something more productive.

Setting the way ahead

Much of the students’ tension and fear stems from attributing high weight-age to the word ‘exam’. Whether the boards or a class test, what is important is the focus on the syllabus and not on hyping and repeating the word often to give it the importance. Here are some of the most effective ways to handle the exam pressure.

A proper schedule

At the outset, remember to schedule and plan what you will read, how much and when. Make a proper schedule that will also list when you will take a break. Channelize all your attention to go as per the schedule laid down by you. When you make the schedule, remember to give a weeks’ time only for revision. A strict adherence to the well-planned schedule is a per-requisite to handling the stress.

De-stress yourself

Do not always think about the exam. It is important you De-stress yourself by listening to some relaxed music or taking a walk. Importantly, keep away from people who stress you out or add to your tension. What you need is some inner peace to concentrate.

A good sleep

Exams don’t mean you compromise on your sleep. Sleep on time and ensure you get up early. This way, your mind becomes fresh and you also become active. A minimum of 6-hour sleep is essential for a healthy body.

Dedicate a day for diagrams and charts

Make sure you have allotted a time for the important diagrams and charts. Practice them. Do not underestimate based on their looks. Meanwhile, it is okay if you oversleep a day. It does not mean you have to write off the day. Be yourself.


At the end of it, revise. Revision is an absolute must. Get your hands on everything you have to be prepared for the exam. Start two days early and start revising. Write down the formulas for a quick glance at any point in time.

Exams are a part of your life. There is no reason for you to fret. However, avoid thinking about them once you have given the exam. No! You cannot go back in time and change your answers.

At any point in time, if you are over-whelmed, talk to someone. You will be surprised to know you are not alone. Exams are a part, they are not everything of your life. Do not over build the concept in your head. Take the tips seriously and ace the exams this season with absolutely no fear.

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Making Memories Together: How to Bond with your Child

While it may be a boon that we are all working parents, with sufficient money and luxury to meet our child’s requirement, it is a pity that we have no time for them. In the network of busy life and meeting deadlines, we miss out a lot on our children’s childhood. Food on time, toys for company and facilities to keep them happy will not bring in the right joy in them. Connecting and bonding with them will! There is more to sitting and discussing with them than talking to them over phone or texting. Studies have shown that children perform better in schools and all other spheres of life, when they are well connected with their parents.

For those of you, now wondering the ideal way to bond with your child, this one is for you.

What matters.

Attention and time play a crucial role in getting started to bond with them. The first step however is to take the effort to do it!

Going out with them could be a good starter. Take your kids out on a date and allow them to speak whatever comes to their mind. Let them lead the conversion. This way, they will open up and feel comfortable, than being questioned by you all the time. Get them to go out for an adventure with you. Doing something exciting is a sure way to bond with them. Try a grassy ride, or a trek uphill. The next time they are going to remind you ‘mom, remember the time we went trekking?’ You are giving them so much memory to treasure. If your child loves art work, you guys could try some crafts together. Get creative with them and you could observe their ideas and what they have to say. If they love to paint, surprise them with some colours next time!

Involving the kids in your day to day activities is also important. Allow them to set the table and fold the sheets. While you may be able to do this faster, you are actually teaching them some valuable skills. Let them clean their toys off the floor. You are not only making them help you, you are also training them to be independent. You don’t always need a holiday or a festival for family dinners or outings. Organize small tea time for your kids and family. Let the families get to know each other.

What next?

IGCSE Schools in Hyderabad have seen how an active child at home perform better in school, both academics and co-curricular. While these activities may sound simple at one go, it effectively and actively contributes to the personality of your child. There is a lot of difference a human touch can contribute to anyone’s life. Dining together, going on trips, talking out all have their own magic to cement the child-parent bonding. Connecting with your kids is easy, you only need to know how.

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Peer Pressure: The Dark Side

Peer pressure is dangerously a true phenomenon that is prevalent. Most of the times, we believe peer pressure enable success. While that may be true in many cases, it need not be the same in most cases. Walking into a foreign land with peer pressure can be a nightmare for many of us. ‘You are known by the company you keep’ works for the most of us. They can mold you, or sometimes even disintegrate you, leaving you shattered.

What we fail to do is to make the peer pressure work in our favor. Once you know that, peer pressure negatively, will cease to exist.

The peer influence

Often, psychologists, academicians and even students have discussed how peers have had huge influences on each other’s attitude, ideas and even personal life. Realistically thinking, do these peer pressures actually exist? Yes, they do! For instance, in school the toppers have an immediate effect on the low graders, making them compelled to drift up and out perform them. The pressure is not direct, but it is perceived. These toppers don’t really have to say or do anything, but their effect will make the others take an effort to reach there. What we don’t understand is how good is this ‘effort’.

Instances of direct peer pressure also are seen. How many times have the students been compelled to change their decision or to accept a particular decision of their friend’s? Haven’t we heard of how the students are bullied and cornered to accept their point of view? Instances like these contribute a lot to building a negative impact upon the students themselves.

It starts at home

Peer pressure is not always from a foreign land. Most often, it is from our own classrooms where children are from diverse background. Pressure then becomes diverse, energetic and highly impactful. This web of characteristics of pressure will have a huge impact in learning among the many students, who are not outspoken, because, pressure hits them the first. They are often bullied into accepting what others say, without leaving them a chance to speak. This way, peer pressure will undermine and impair success of the students with no mercy. Culture shock is a not new in an India, that has diverse set of beliefs and faith. A whole lot of this diversity also contributes to peer pressure, especially when you live in a foreign land.

The good side of peer pressure

Schools in Hyderabad, have seen and analyzed how this pressure can be transformed to something good. Learning to say ‘no’ is the first step forward. You don’t have to be the ‘cool kid’ in the block by confirming to standards and practices that makes you uncomfortable. People tend to respect those with assertive personality and saying a ‘no’ when needed will set a bar.

Peer pressure in no way should make you uncomfortable. If you intend to change, make sure it is voluntary and has some academic and personal benefits for you. It is okay not to ‘fit in’.

The strong impediment to growth comes from unhealthy groups, that does not respect the individual’s stance. If you think you are often being pressured to accept something, it is time you push yourself out of the group.

Peer pressure is a two-way path. As much as you are being influenced by others, others are being influenced by you too. What is important is to educate the children to take it in the right spirit to ensure you only imbibe the positive attitude.

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To achieve a goal, one is required to have strong dedication and focus. Practice is the next important thing to succeed in achieving the goal. Rinesh of Grade 5 from Oakridge International School, Bangalore Campus did the exact. Being at the very early age, he has started some serious cycling sometime last September and continues to pedal.


It all started when Decathlon started 30Kms weekend-rides. The fun part was that Decathlon has arranged these rides in partnership with KNS and included breakfast and few fun activities like kite-flying etc. What started as a fun weekend-rides took a serious shape with the formation of CNL(Cycling Next Level) whats-app group. Click here for full article

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Oak Tech Week special assembly was conducted by the learners of Grade II to V where they presented a skit explaining the 17 Global Goals proposed by UN and reflected upon the needs and necessities to achieve those goals.

Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Vice President – IBM India Software Labs and Parent of Krishiv Sharma from Grade V, inaugurated the event by delivering an inspiring speech to our learners. Oak Tech Week Field Trip was arranged for Grade V learners on 24th February 2018 where they visited an eco-friendly IT Company called Frontier Business Systems in Ashok Nagar.


During this visit, learners had an understanding of the Cloud data management, networking methodologies, and equipment involved in handling a large amount of data. Oak Tech Quiz was conducted for Grade I to V learners where they actively participated in answering the questions, discussing technology, checking their prior knowledge and sharing information. Read more here

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Guiding Students to Be Independent Learners

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. We truly believe that. While this being the case, how much have we actually focused on motivating them to think independently? Thinking and liberation of thoughts at the outset are the pre-requisites for a leader. Much of the leadership abilities will be gathered from self-learning and comprehending the world in a better light. But, how do we attain this concept of independent learning?

Much of what is taught in the classroom is forgotten in a very short time. There is hardly any evidence to show these children then employ learning strategies when they reach college. This means, many of the students have not really learned how to retain and apply the knowledge. What comes as a relief are the studies that show how better learning strategies foster the brain’s capacity to learn at higher levels.

Some of the CBSE schools in Chandigarh know this and what it takes to achieve the best.

Guiding students to be independent learners

There have been many theories in text that talks in depth of better learning strategies. But how much have we employed them? The students struggling to learn and apply their knowledge in real life are a testimony to the bitter truth that out education system lack a proper learning mechanism. In the scenario of a competitive world where everyone strives to overdo the others in the domains of job, exams and working sector, the necessity to apply new skills and change the existing learning strategies becomes paramount. It’s never too late to start!

Here are three quick ways to guide students to be independent learner, that many best schools in Mohali practice.

Motivation: Motivation as a dose everyday is as important as food. Motivating students to learn on their own can be achieved by you as a teacher, passionately telling them the importance of learning. When you embody the passion for learning, you are likely to start influencing your students to take that up as a serious thing. Ask your students to share with you what they feel about learning and what they learnt. Allow your students to visualize the goal, take it from there and tell them how much learning will contribute to attaining this goal.

Self- assessment: Self-assessment is the first step to being a self-critique. This is crucial because the act of learning is never complete without you questioning yourself on the pitfalls and pros. Allow your students to team up as a pair and let them question and share with each other what they have learnt. This way, understanding each other’s perspective will come in play. Give them scenarios and allow them to express their take on it. This way, you will make way for them to express their take on different subjects.

Setting goals: Coaching students to set goals is the next important thing to do. When you coach them to set goals, you are basically telling them what they should be doing with their lives. Support your students in setting learning goals is really important. Students who lack motivation in particular require the maximum effort. Bringing them to vibe will happen with the teacher’s help and practically boosting them up with doses of their own personal strength. Picking it up from there, he/she should be allowed to set a trajectory of learning for themselves. Most often, not recognizing or acknowledging a child’s potential is the root cause of lack of motivation. 

Start today

The young learners need help today. If you start today, you are practically laying down a road map of what their future and their endeavor would look like years from now. Teachers have the potential to inspire and influence students positively. School is not merely grades and ranks, but more of a platform that will ensure a better learning platform, one that will carve the best of them. Constant support and timely assistance is all that you can provide. The rest, students do have the ability to pick it up.

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As India celebrates the National Science Day on February 28 every year to spread the message of the importance of science and its application among the people, Oakridge International School, Bangalore Campus organized an Oak Science Fest to celebrate it.

On this day in 1928, Indian Scientist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman discovered a phenomenon of scattering of photons which was later known as ‘Raman Effect’ after his name. After two years in 1930, he got Nobel Prize for this remarkable discovery and this was the first Nobel Prize for India in the field of Science. To mark the discovery of his famous phenomenon National Science Day is celebrated in India on the day each year. Read more here.

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