Is IB Curriculum the Way Forward for a Progressive Generation?

The young urban parents these days look for extraordinary learning processes for their children. Let’s check out the IB learning method in detail before you take a decision regarding your child’s education.

1. How does the International Baccalaureate Program Work?

The International Baccalaureate is a methodical representation of learning with kids as dynamic contributors in the educational procedure.  It is run by a non-profit educational establishment based out of Geneva, Switzerland. As per the beliefs of the foundation, “the International Baccalaureate focuses on structuring an analytical, well-informed and compassionate young generation who could lend a hand to build a healthier and more non-violent world through inter-cultural awareness and admiration.” In the beginning, the International Baccalaureate has extended to a 3 stage learning program that covers students from 3 – 19 years. They are:

  • Primary Years Program  for children between the age group of 3 – 12 years
  • Middle Years Program  for children between the age group 11 – 16 years
  • IB Diploma for children between the age group  16 – 19 years

The IB Diploma is one of the most demanding school-leaving certificates in the world. The IB Diploma is presented in English, French or Spanish languages.  Students learn 6 subjects, 3 at a senior level and 3 at a standard point and the subjects are selected from 6 groups. Besides these, learners have to accomplish 3 other centre needs:

  • Extended Essay – to be written on a subject of the learner’s preference following firmly defined rules and to be presented in the concluding year.
  • Theory of Knowledge – which asks learners to replicate on how they identify what they know?
  • Creativity, Action and Service – which involves a particular number of hours dedicated to the arts, sporting activities and community service.

Is IB Curriculum The Way Forward For A Progressive Generation?

2. What is so positive about IB curriculum?

  • IB Programs are globally acknowledged and considered to smooth the educational shifts of internationally moving learners with the intention that their education is not unfavourably affected by the transfer.
  • IB World Schools are caused to undergo a stern official recognition procedure scrutinized by the International Baccalaureate Organization, therefore, you can be convinced that the school is putting forward a quality education.
  • IB teachers take part in many certified improvement opportunities to frequently advance their knowledge of present educational training and fresh thoughts.
  • IB training modes and curriculum are research based and represent the best tradition from educational structures around the world.
  • IB learners graduating with the IB Diploma are capable of learning at universities all around the world, time and again with sophisticated acknowledgements.

3. What are not so positive about IB curriculum?

The IB Organization frames the educational structure but not the syllabus, as a result, what is trained still  differs from school to school.

  • Even though all IB schools are globally certified, not all IB schools are identical.  A few are without a doubt more studious than others.
  • The benchmark of the IB Diploma is exceptionally elevated and the most competitive universities insist students to attain high marks in all six subjects.

Schools in India these days are updating their standards by adopting the globally recognised IB curriculum considering the positive impacts it has on the physical and mental growth of students and the increasing demands from the new generation parents. Especially the top 5 IB schools in Bangalore are witnessing an increased number of children getting enrolled in their IB program each year. If the changes are happening in the right direction, then we could expect a flourishing and positive future ahead.

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Guarding Your Child from the Summer Learning Loss with Fun

Schools in Hyderabad and elsewhere have encouraged parents to take interest in keeping the learning process of in summer vacations. Summer vacations are considered one such duration in a year for students where they would want to just do nothing or invest themselves in activities that are useless.

These activities would not help children in their learning process and many times be a reason for becoming a hindrance to natural learning such as television watching. There are a set of activities that are fun and equally knowledge booster for children that should be encouraged by parents for their kids.

Fruits and Vegetable Growing

The natural process of seed growing to tree and bearing fruits is the easiest way to learn about growth process of a plant. Kids would love the idea to grow these plants and you can also additionally teach them about the importance of right nutrition and air and sunlight for growth. You can arrange a competition for same age kids in your area so it would also increase their social skills.

Encourage them to understand Investments

Kids learn a lot more in practical world than from books. Parents can encourage kids to take part in activities like knowing about investments and their returns. It would help them learn about profits and loss, interests, fluctuation and a lot more. This is the best way also to give them lessons about savings and investments.

Ask them to be Your Junior Guide on Trip

With advancements in technology and general awareness about a place kids can learn about new places. You can arrange a trip to a new place where instead of hiring a tour guide you can ask your kid to guide you. They would have to find out all the important information about a place and need to describe you. This will help in boosting their knowledge of a place and easily remember noteworthy factors about it. International schools in Hyderabad adopt this activity by organizing place visits and tours for students.

Get them Close to Nature

Encourage children to play in garden and with pet animals. This would help them develop a sense of awareness and responsibility for nature. They would learn how to protect environment and how to preserve nature. Also, helping them play with pets would develop a compassionate nature which is must for any civilized human being. CBSE Schools in Hyderabad have pointed this aspect of personality development as most important for students.

Taking Part in Household Activities

Any household activity like cooking or helping with cooking, setting tables, arranging sitting for guests, arranging plates back to rack and painting fences are a few activities that kids would love to do. All this skills would develop children to more responsible individuals. These activities would also help them importance of other people working on similar task in the home. It may take some time for children to make any of this a habit but it would also make them more dependable and understanding.

Make them Involved in Family Shopping

It is almost impossible that you get your kids to shopping for family and they would not misbehave. But, if you take kids for family shopping and you involve them in family shopping discussing price and fit on each other. Kids would gradually learn to get involved forgetting their mischief. This would also bond them with siblings and family.

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Top 5 International School in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a metropolitan city, where in the past few years’ inflow of people has increased. Majority of the people are from IT or from abroad and generally, settle with their families. As parents, they start hunting for the Best International Schools which promote curriculums like IB and IGCSE and global exposure. Presently, Hyderabad is brimming with some top-notch schools that help children excel in studies, extracurricular activities and the International Curriculums also train them well to apply for foreign universities like Oxford, Cambridge etc to multiply their career prospects.

Here we have compiled a list of top 5 International schools in Hyderabad ranked by the Times School Rankings 2016, a Times of India initiative to make this decision easier for you.

  1. Oakridge International School, Gachibowli: Ranked No 1, the school is one of the best IB schools in Hyderabad. It has both IB and CBSE Curriculum for the students and believes in teaching beyond boundaries. The school encourages experiential learning, interactive teaching experience, participation in sports and other extra-curricular activities in the children. It is also one of the first IB Schools in the country offering International Curriculum. It has a great campus and infrastructure with facilities like Basketball Courts, Cricket Ground, Skating Rink, Children’s Recreation Park, Games Field for Athletics and lot more.
  2. Global Indian International School, Uppal: The school provides CBSE and IGCSE curriculum to the students. It promotes both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities among the students. It has got a sports centre, skating rink, swimming pool and lot more for the children.
  3. Chirec International School, Kondapur: It provides IB, IGCSE and CBSE curriculum to its students which is indeed a rare combination. The students have recently created a Library on Wheels concept, wherein they have a bus with books moving around in areas where the children are unable to afford books. The initiative by the school children shows how well the school is training them to be creative.
  4. DRS International School, Dullapally: The curriculum here includes IB, IGCSE, CIE and CBSE. The students here get a joyful learning experience with a broad exposure to academics and other activities like arts, theatre, multimedia and more. They provide challenging classroom experience to the children designed to encourage curiosity, self-expression, joy and aesthetic sensibility.
  5. Oakridge International School, Bachupally: Oakridge Bachupally (Einstein) Campus recently made it to the Times School Rankings 2016. It offers IB, CBSE and CIE programs to the students. The campus is well equipped with indoor and outdoor amenities like Soccer ground, Tennis Court, Swimming pool and more for better learning experience of the students.
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How Reading Out Stories to Your Toddlers Help ?

Kids love stories. Since ages as children we go up to our grandparents and demand them to tell a story. As kids, we used to love listening to stories and reading story books during our holidays. The tradition of listening to stories is fading as most of us are now in a nuclear family or have a lack of time. Thus, our kids do not get a chance to listen stories from their grand parents, however, they do read books sometimes. Most of the children however, don’t prefer reading when compared to playing games and hence the importance of reading is diminishing with time.

We as parents and teachers should enlighten children on the importance of reading story books and show them how to read. Some schools like Oakridge International School in Bangalore, organizes regular reading sessions such as a Guest Lecture where a parent comes and reads out stories to the children, or a One Nation Reading for All where everyone gathers in school campus to read together. Such fun filled activities help children grow interest towards reading which will further help them improvise in their studies as well.

Reading improvises a child’s communication skills, vocabulary and even concentration on studies. A child should consider reading as fun and a great pass time.

You should take time out every night to read a book to your toddler and also ask them to read with your guidance. You can enact the stories to them to make the bedtime more fun filled and exciting. You can even plan a schedule, where story-time is a token of appreciation for your child when he/ she does a good deed, scores well in exams, obeys your words and other good habits. You can also ask our child to imagine and tell a different story or decide a better ending of the story to make it more fun learning and creative for them. Animate the story with action to make it a more lively experience.

Reading out with your children every day will bring you close to them and you can spend some quality time together. Spending time with your kids will further help you in knowing them better and in their better upbringing. Being a parent in modern day with a busy schedule, reading will come handy to you.

So start reading stories to your little angels and bond with them over a great story.

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How Does Guest Lecture Help Boost Student’s Learning at School?

A child learns from his mentor about various topics in school through books, presentations and real life examples. However, sometimes professional guidance on a particular topic is also required for the students. Hence, Guest Lecture is introduced in various schools these days. A professional of a particular field, for example, a doctor, a farmer or an archeologist visits the school campus and interacts live or online to explain the children about certain topics.

A Guest Lecture not only helps children learn about a subject but also boosts their learning capacity. Oakridge International School has been of organizing Guest Lectures for its students. It invites or organizes live Skype sessions for its students as well.

To name a few, recently the students had an interaction with a Guest Lecturer from Denmark and France wherein, they discussed about the tradition, culture and various facts about these countries. It helped students to know about the countries from the residents rather than just bookish researches.

Here’s a list of few pros of organizing Guest Lecture in Schools for children:

  1. Fosters Learning in Students: Guest Lectures helps children to learn more about the subject with real life examples from the professionals. It helps them grab more about any topic.
  2. Helps in Better Understanding of the Subject: Instead of being narrowed down just to books, they can now understand things more clearly. They become proactive to learn about the topic and get a clear picture on the same from the experts.
  3. Boosts Communication Skills of the Children: Interaction with the Lecturer or online helps develop confidence in the children and boost their communication skills as well.
  4. Makes Classrooms Fun and Active: The Lecturers not only explain about the subject but also interact and ask the children to actively participate, making the classroom more lively and active for the students.
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Looking to Enroll Your Child in The Best CBSE School in Mohali? Here’s How You Can.

CBSE curriculum is the most renowned curriculum followed in most of the schools. In India, most of the parents prefer CBSE for their children because there are plenty of CBSE schools and in case of transfers, shifting to another city is easier. The syllabus is also easy for the children to study. Not only in metros or Tier 1 cities, but also in suburban and small towns, CBSE curriculum is followed.

However, with many options available, it becomes difficult to search for the best school. And it becomes difficult to enroll your child in the best CBSE schools in Mohali. Here we have categorized a few important facts to add in your checklist during your search:

  • Distance: The most important factor when you are looking for any school is to see how far it is from your home. Sending your children far away is very taxing for the child, due to so much travel and also affects the health of your child. By the time, the child energy levels are low. So you need to check the distance of the school from your home and also if it provides transportation facility to your area for easy conveyance.
  • Ambience: You need to check the ambience of the school to see if your child feels positive every day. The vibe given by the school also matters here.

Surroundings should be beautiful and full of greenery, to bring a positive vibe.

  • Teaching Methodology: Generally, NCERT books and Theoretical Teaching Methodology is used in CBSE curriculum. Its syllabus is easier when compared to ICSE, IB or IGCSE curriculum. The best schools in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mohali, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and other urban cities following CBSE pattern encourage building intelligence in children intelligent and also in making them top scorers.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Extra-curricular activities are very important for your child as they help in the mental and physical development of children. Activities like dance, music, art, sports and more also help children understand their interests.
  • Past Results: A Schools’ Academic Result speaks about its performance. If you want the best for your child, then you need to check the track record of the school with respect to results and how well the alumni are placed.
  • Parents Feedback: Feedback from other parents also plays a vital role in your decision making. A positive feedback will lead you to enroll your child while a negative comment will guide you to search more. After all, choosing the best school is very important for the better future of your child.

You can definitely have the above mentioned features in your checklist to enroll your child in any of the best schools of your city.

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The Connection Between Infrastructure Facilities and Student Learning

Education has always been acknowledged as the foundation stone of growth for any country and one of the uppermost return gratifying development activities. Education result is subjective to a number of aspects, infrastructure being one of them.

School infrastructure, its plan, excellence and everyday administration is important in allowing the school system to convey enhanced education results. It largely includes the property and building, worthy of amenities and the on the whole design.

The quality of a school’s atmosphere and its amenities has a strong control on students’ education. More to the point, everyday use in managing and supervising a school’s activities, records of a school’s physical amenities and material wherewithal such as furniture and tools can give data to obtain many pointers for measuring the quality of education in a school.

Recuperating the quality of school amenities is a costly responsibility. Nevertheless, when the constructive impacts of facility enhancement on teachers and students are converted into rupee figures, the rewards of such funds far outshine the expenditure of the investments.

  1. Plans to cut out noise

Noise levels seriously concern teacher and student performance. In fact, too much of noise causes frustration and strain in both teachers and students. Research has stated that schools that have classrooms with smaller amount outside noise are absolutely connected with the better student engagement and accomplishment compared to schools with classrooms that have noisier surroundings. Thus, constructing schools that safeguard exterior noise from classrooms can advance student outcomes.

  1. Appropriate lighting in classrooms

Prior to the arrival of economical electricity, schools used to depend only on natural lighting. As electric power charges reduced, the total of non-natural light used in schools amplified. Research has shown that non-natural lighting has a depressing impact on those in schools, whereas natural lighting has encouraging results. In fact, not only does classroom lighting increase the spirits of teachers and students, suitable amounts of natural lighting also lessens off-task performance and advances test scores.

  1. The size and space in a classroom

Congested classrooms are also related to reduced levels of student engagement, and as a result, reduced levels of learning.

On the other hand, classrooms with sufficient room are more favourable to providing proper learning surroundings for students and linked with augmented student commitment and learning. Classroom space is predominantly applicable with the present prominence on 21st century learning methods. Creating personal study areas with smaller learning centers decreases visual and acoustic disruptions, is optimistically related to student progress and success.

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