How Reading Out Stories to Your Toddlers Help ?

Kids love stories. Since ages as children we go up to our grandparents and demand them to tell a story. As kids, we used to love listening to stories and reading story books during our holidays. The tradition of listening to stories is fading as most of us are now in a nuclear family or have a lack of time. Thus, our kids do not get a chance to listen stories from their grand parents, however, they do read books sometimes. Most of the children however, don’t prefer reading when compared to playing games and hence the importance of reading is diminishing with time.

We as parents and teachers should enlighten children on the importance of reading story books and show them how to read. Some schools like Oakridge International School in Bangalore, organizes regular reading sessions such as a Guest Lecture where a parent comes and reads out stories to the children, or a One Nation Reading for All where everyone gathers in school campus to read together. Such fun filled activities help children grow interest towards reading which will further help them improvise in their studies as well.

Reading improvises a child’s communication skills, vocabulary and even concentration on studies. A child should consider reading as fun and a great pass time.

You should take time out every night to read a book to your toddler and also ask them to read with your guidance. You can enact the stories to them to make the bedtime more fun filled and exciting. You can even plan a schedule, where story-time is a token of appreciation for your child when he/ she does a good deed, scores well in exams, obeys your words and other good habits. You can also ask our child to imagine and tell a different story or decide a better ending of the story to make it more fun learning and creative for them. Animate the story with action to make it a more lively experience.

Reading out with your children every day will bring you close to them and you can spend some quality time together. Spending time with your kids will further help you in knowing them better and in their better upbringing. Being a parent in modern day with a busy schedule, reading will come handy to you.

So start reading stories to your little angels and bond with them over a great story.

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How Does Guest Lecture Help Boost Student’s Learning at School?

A child learns from his mentor about various topics in school through books, presentations and real life examples. However, sometimes professional guidance on a particular topic is also required for the students. Hence, Guest Lecture is introduced in various schools these days. A professional of a particular field, for example, a doctor, a farmer or an archeologist visits the school campus and interacts live or online to explain the children about certain topics.

A Guest Lecture not only helps children learn about a subject but also boosts their learning capacity. Oakridge International School has been of organizing Guest Lectures for its students. It invites or organizes live Skype sessions for its students as well.

To name a few, recently the students had an interaction with a Guest Lecturer from Denmark and France wherein, they discussed about the tradition, culture and various facts about these countries. It helped students to know about the countries from the residents rather than just bookish researches.

Here’s a list of few pros of organizing Guest Lecture in Schools for children:

  1. Fosters Learning in Students: Guest Lectures helps children to learn more about the subject with real life examples from the professionals. It helps them grab more about any topic.
  2. Helps in Better Understanding of the Subject: Instead of being narrowed down just to books, they can now understand things more clearly. They become proactive to learn about the topic and get a clear picture on the same from the experts.
  3. Boosts Communication Skills of the Children: Interaction with the Lecturer or online helps develop confidence in the children and boost their communication skills as well.
  4. Makes Classrooms Fun and Active: The Lecturers not only explain about the subject but also interact and ask the children to actively participate, making the classroom more lively and active for the students.
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Looking to Enroll Your Child in The Best CBSE School in Mohali? Here’s How You Can.

CBSE curriculum is the most renowned curriculum followed in most of the schools. In India, most of the parents prefer CBSE for their children because there are plenty of CBSE schools and in case of transfers, shifting to another city is easier. The syllabus is also easy for the children to study. Not only in metros or Tier 1 cities, but also in suburban and small towns, CBSE curriculum is followed.

However, with many options available, it becomes difficult to search for the best school. And it becomes difficult to enroll your child in the best CBSE schools in Mohali. Here we have categorized a few important facts to add in your checklist during your search:

  • Distance: The most important factor when you are looking for any school is to see how far it is from your home. Sending your children far away is very taxing for the child, due to so much travel and also affects the health of your child. By the time, the child energy levels are low. So you need to check the distance of the school from your home and also if it provides transportation facility to your area for easy conveyance.
  • Ambience: You need to check the ambience of the school to see if your child feels positive every day. The vibe given by the school also matters here.

Surroundings should be beautiful and full of greenery, to bring a positive vibe.

  • Teaching Methodology: Generally, NCERT books and Theoretical Teaching Methodology is used in CBSE curriculum. Its syllabus is easier when compared to ICSE, IB or IGCSE curriculum. The best schools in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mohali, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and other urban cities following CBSE pattern encourage building intelligence in children intelligent and also in making them top scorers.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Extra-curricular activities are very important for your child as they help in the mental and physical development of children. Activities like dance, music, art, sports and more also help children understand their interests.
  • Past Results: A Schools’ Academic Result speaks about its performance. If you want the best for your child, then you need to check the track record of the school with respect to results and how well the alumni are placed.
  • Parents Feedback: Feedback from other parents also plays a vital role in your decision making. A positive feedback will lead you to enroll your child while a negative comment will guide you to search more. After all, choosing the best school is very important for the better future of your child.

You can definitely have the above mentioned features in your checklist to enroll your child in any of the best schools of your city.

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The Connection Between Infrastructure Facilities and Student Learning

Education has always been acknowledged as the foundation stone of growth for any country and one of the uppermost return gratifying development activities. Education result is subjective to a number of aspects, infrastructure being one of them.

School infrastructure, its plan, excellence and everyday administration is important in allowing the school system to convey enhanced education results. It largely includes the property and building, worthy of amenities and the on the whole design.

The quality of a school’s atmosphere and its amenities has a strong control on students’ education. More to the point, everyday use in managing and supervising a school’s activities, records of a school’s physical amenities and material wherewithal such as furniture and tools can give data to obtain many pointers for measuring the quality of education in a school.

Recuperating the quality of school amenities is a costly responsibility. Nevertheless, when the constructive impacts of facility enhancement on teachers and students are converted into rupee figures, the rewards of such funds far outshine the expenditure of the investments.

  1. Plans to cut out noise

Noise levels seriously concern teacher and student performance. In fact, too much of noise causes frustration and strain in both teachers and students. Research has stated that schools that have classrooms with smaller amount outside noise are absolutely connected with the better student engagement and accomplishment compared to schools with classrooms that have noisier surroundings. Thus, constructing schools that safeguard exterior noise from classrooms can advance student outcomes.

  1. Appropriate lighting in classrooms

Prior to the arrival of economical electricity, schools used to depend only on natural lighting. As electric power charges reduced, the total of non-natural light used in schools amplified. Research has shown that non-natural lighting has a depressing impact on those in schools, whereas natural lighting has encouraging results. In fact, not only does classroom lighting increase the spirits of teachers and students, suitable amounts of natural lighting also lessens off-task performance and advances test scores.

  1. The size and space in a classroom

Congested classrooms are also related to reduced levels of student engagement, and as a result, reduced levels of learning.

On the other hand, classrooms with sufficient room are more favourable to providing proper learning surroundings for students and linked with augmented student commitment and learning. Classroom space is predominantly applicable with the present prominence on 21st century learning methods. Creating personal study areas with smaller learning centers decreases visual and acoustic disruptions, is optimistically related to student progress and success.

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Why We Require a Value Based Education System in Our Schools

Educational institutions shall give equal importance academic and personal growth of the students. We need more value based education to achieve this goal on a larger scale. Value based education pass on social, ethical, and spiritual values which are necessary for any person in the long run. It constructs the qualities like humbleness, potency and integrity in a person. They turn out to be better citizens rather than a self-centered individual. People with elevated moral principles will never think of cheating anyone in their life. They make their life more contented and works hard to make others blissful.

In a values-based learning environment, children tend to grow a protected sense of self. They develop into a stronger person and learn to take accountability for their own wisdom. Studies show that children build up academic meticulousness when they are occupied with a value based learning atmosphere. The children who study in such an educational institution will expand their relational confidence. They grow to be more articulate and become capable of conversing liberally and well.

From the social point of view, value based education encourages efficient learning and focuses on the never-ending improvement of individual, social, ethical and financial wellbeing. It is an investment in individual competence and self-dependability and its result, hence, assures considerable worth to the society. Many of the top schools in Hyderabad are trying to incorporate value based education as part of their curriculum.

There are many reasons for which we need a value based education system. A few of them are:

  • Ethical consciousness should be allowed to orient the development in science & technology in the direction of the wellbeing of mankind.
  • Teachers convey values to the children, both intentionally and unintentionally through their behaviour in and outside of classrooms. Hence, the call for a willfully planned value education program is necessary to launch a recognized learning.
  • The students may come across more complex decision-making circumstances about problems involving values. They should be assisted in developing the capability to make appropriate options in such circumstances through value education.
  • Raise in juvenile criminal behaviour is a catastrophe to the youth who undergoes the procedure of individual growth. In such condition value education assumes a particular importance.
  • Value education stimulates inquisitiveness, expansion of right interests, outlook, values and ability to think and judge about oneself.
  • Value education assists in encouraging social and natural amalgamation.
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Why Should we Have a School Library?

The school library is the vital part of learning process and it plays a major role as a place for cheering innovation, inquisitiveness, and problem-solving. School libraries make a difference in students’ knowledge and accomplishment and give support for training and learning all through the academic life of a student.

A school library is the storeroom of knowledge where children can get familiarized with the history of our land, the present condition, we live in and the future where they are an integral part. A library demonstrates affirmative impact on the educational accomplishment of the student. While the function of the school library stays invariable, its design, platforms, approaches and pieces of equipment transform as pedagogy and technology transforms. Here are some of the advantages of having a school library for students:

Bridge the gap

Libraries work as a channel in education, bringing the globe to the students as they sit in classrooms or at home. Libraries have effectively bridged the space between what the kids have to know and what they are trained in schools. The teaching faculty and our education methods are greatly reliant on books to provide the kids with the knowledge that will facilitate them get by life.


Time and again we limit this word to the capability of reading and writing, but it is something way ahead of that. It means the access, the experience and the readily obtainable resources our kids have nowadays. Since books are the number one basis of wisdom, they are often identified as the key to literacy. Books and therefore, libraries maintain the kids grounded, well-informed clued-up and enthusiastic to learn more.

Great assistance to teachers

Teachers ultimately are human beings and it is more or less impractical for a human being to be acquainted with everything. This is where libraries come to their assistance. A library is a far-reaching collection of books which facilitate the students and the teachers to include to their awareness. As a teacher when you are countered with questions that you have never heard about, this is one place which has the potential to save you. Thankfully, many of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore have world class libraries to support students and teachers.

New perspective for children

Rigorous readers are liable individuals, attentive citizens, and kind-hearted beings who would add value to the world in the most effective way. Books could be the most excellent solution to all the troubles that our country is going through. Libraries plant the seed of wisdom which will nurture in the children as they mature.

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6 Reasons Why International Baccalaureate (IB) Board is The Best One For You

International Baccalaureate (IB) Board lays emphasis on academic studies along with students’ personal development. The curriculum develops inquiring and knowledgeable young people who are motivated to succeed. The IB Attributes and Profiles play a huge role in helping children become better individuals with caring, compassion and team work as major attributes.

IB believes that a student should not be confined only to the books but should be encouraged to explore to learn. It also helps children to build a better world through experiential learning and intercultural understanding.

Here are 6 reasons to prove why IB is the best:

  1. Promoting Global Exposure: IB is a curriculum known all around the world, it helps your child gain learning about global culture, traditions and ongoing trends. It helps in future studies for those who want to enroll in foreign universities after schooling is completed. The foreign language subjects help them understand the other languages of the world and have a better career growth in future.
  2. Making Children Creative and Curious: Your child becomes creative and curious with time as the teaching methodology helps them explore beyond the books and go for live experiences. Oakridge International School, one of the Top IB Schools in Hyderabad, believes in “Learning Beyond Boundaries” for its students. They organize various events and field trips to enhance child’s knowledge on the topic.
  3. Learning Beyond Books: IB curriculum believes in teaching the students beyond the bookish knowledge and hence help them to think critically and challenge assumptions. Seeing in live and learning about a topic helps a child gain more knowledge than just reading about it in books.
  4. Encouraging Extra-Curricular Activities: Extra-Curricular activities form a big part in IB learning and that is why all IB schools have great infrastructure with playgrounds, cricket and swimming pools etc. Dance, Drama and Arts, also form an integral part of a child’s development in IB schools.
  5. Inspiring the World: Good IB schools in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities promote Creativity, Action and Service(CAS) to involve students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies. The activities involve arts to encourage creative thinking, activities to complement academic work and voluntary service to promote good deeds and rendering services to the less-privileged.
  6. Developing Confidence: Once you enroll your children in any school, all you wish is to see them become confident. Scoring well, reaching heights in career, good performance in all fields and lot more are the achievements you seek in your child. IB curriculum helps boost their confidence and become self-dependent.
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