The 21st century that we belong to, is ruled by technology and technology is taking a strong hold in our lives. Every second there is someone in some part of the world who comes up with a new gadget or software that makes life easier for other and it also improves upon the technology and already existing software. However making lives easier for people is not, the only role that technology plays in our lives. Technology that we use in day to day lives is just a small peekaboo to something bigger that we would be experiencing in the years to come.

Science has taken a long course and has reached a far way, since Edison first discovered the electric bulb. School children, however feel happy to know about the various scientific discoveries and are awestruck at the many inventions that happened decades ago, without the help of the gadgets that we have today. Science in curriculum is giving a new shape to the lives of many, through professions like scientists, researchers, clinical researchers, doctors, engineers, electrician, mechanics, etc. No job is big or small, which involves science in it.

Science gives a whole new dimension to our lives, the kaleidoscope, the electricity that we use, the induction cooker that we use to prepare our food today, are a result of several researches that were done after meeting innumerable failures, but that never stopped these inventors from achieving what they wanted to.

Teaching science in schools should be equipped with visual aids or practical experiments that give a clear-cut picture in the mind of a student as to what are the various stages that actually resulted in the product that magically appeared before him.

Students learn to use technology that is made available to them via computer and technology classes. This however ensures that after completing their graduation they will be able to use this technology in pursuing their careers or to implement it in a work setting environment, which will definitely put them ahead of another person who did not have ample access to the particular technology or software, while they were studying in school.

We are all aware of the fact that as technology advances, the students have a better access to several educational opportunities, which otherwise was not available to them. Technology has the ability to upgrade itself, when something new and “better” is disclosed, it is quite evident that the “older” technology becomes more affordable as it becomes obsolete in that very moment. There are people who often place judgement on students being spoilt by using technology at an age where they should be resorting to mental calculations, but it is just to equip them to help them to cross over the transition that they would be facing after school and college life into their work environment.


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